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I have been approached to do AR15 armorer courses before – although I am sure I could pull it off, I like to stay with topics that I feel I am a genuine subject matter expert in and have tons of experience. Will Larson has that kind of experience overseas working on AR’s and most recently has been assembling weapons for Bravo Company- what more needs to be said?

Larry Vickers (U.S Army Ret.)

Vickers Tactical Inc.

Host of TacTV

Vickers Tactical


As someone that’s been through formal education systems and specialized training in my field, I have come to appreciate the difference between traditional class room education, and applicable, relevant lessons passed down by experts that, for lack of more eloquent words, have been there and walked the walk. 

Will Larson’s vast knowledge of the AR system, combined with his real world experience and its constantly evolving development,  is uniquely suited to offer an armorer’s course that is relevant, current, and a different approach that’s a breath of fresh air.

Will is someone we look up to, and we have ever sought and benefited from his wisdom.  Will has our admiration and support in his endeavor.

Roger Wang

Forward Controls Design
(Formerly with) Battle Arms Development, Inc.

Improvidus, Apto Quod Victum


I have worked with several firearms manufacturers and designers and Will is on the short-list of people to call with a difficult question… his knowledge of small arms in general is nothing short of impressive and he is particularly adept with the AR15/M16 family of weapons.

 What is most beneficial, is that Will’s knowledge is heavily reinforced with experience…. you would be hard pressed to find someone with more actual “in the field” hands-on repair and maintenance time than Will Larson.

Kino L. Davis

Dark Mountain Research

Small Arms Consultant


I am a full time Instructor/Armorer for an agency with 1300 rifles in the field, and I see many rifles come through our training. My Department had just recently paid for me to attend the “C” company 3 day armorer course. I recently attended the Semper Paratus AR-15 Armorer Course in Scottsdale, AZ after receiving a recommendation. I learned more in your class than I did in the factory sponsored school. It was a great class, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to really understand the AR-15.

W.G- Firearms Instructor/Police Officer with a large Metro Agency

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