Be Always Prepared!


The goal of Semper Paratus Arms is to provide quality instruction to civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. The primary focus is the AR15 family of weapons which is the most popular semi-auto military styled rifle in the U.S.

The AR15 platform has been in use for 50 years and is the most modular weapon in the history of small arms. It is battle proven and has been used in every U.S conflict since the Vietnam War. It can be configured for a variety of roles and different calibers, often times with only minimal parts changes. It is also in use, or has been used by numerous conventional foreign military and special operations units around the world as well as law enforcement agencies across the United States. 

However, there is no perfect weapon and the AR15 does have some issues. Most of these issues are resolved by ensuring that you have serviceable magazines, proper lubrication and good ammo. To that end it is very critical that the weapon is properly assembled and the correct components have been used.

Knowing how to shoot is no doubt important, but one needs to have the technical information and knowledge to keep their weapon ready for that moment when it is needed.

I encourage all owners of the AR15 to research the weapon and take the time to truly understand how it functions.

This course is open to all legal U.S citizens unless otherwise specified in the course location notes.