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AR15 Armorer Course Information

2 Day Comprehensive AR15 Armorer’s Course

Semper Paratus Arms’ 2 day AR15 Armorer Course is a comprehensive course on the AR15 weapon system. At the completion of this class you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform proper assembly/ disassembly, barrelling procedures, perform routine maintenance and inspections. You will have a better understanding of the cycle of operation and how to troubleshoot component problems and keep your weapon operational. Students will also learn about gas port sizing and component specifications. 

Most courses are required to be paid through the Semper Paratus Arms website, unless otherwise noted in the description. Law enforcement agencies may contact SPA for invoicing. In the event that a course is cancelled you will receive a complete refund.

Instructor Email: william dot larson@gmail dot com

All tools are available from

In addition to a complete AR15 rifle or carbine, or a complete parts kit and receiver you will need the following (build only):

-Complete set of flat steel punches (Starrett Pin Punch set recommended)
1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32

-Complete set of roll pin holders (starter punches)

-Complete set of roll pin punches

-1″ Nylon and Brass Gunsmithing Hammer

-Small to medium pair of needle nose pliers.

-Large flat tip screwdriver or variable tip screwdriver set.

-Bolt Catch Pin Punch-

-Pivot Pin Installation Tool-

 Minimalist Tool List  (From For Armorer Course

Glock Disassembly Tool
Nylon and Brass gun smithing hammer. (1″) Part# 818-600-100WB
6″ flat tip screwdriver or correct allen wrench for pistol grip screw
Pivot pin installation tool- Part# 080-216-011WB
1/16 flat punch (Starrett is recommended)
USB Flash Drive

In Service Maintenance and Inspection Program

We also offer an in-service weapon inspection program that determines the current serviceability of your department’s long guns. This inspection process is done at your agency and includes:

An inspection of the rifle’s general condition

A complete gauge check of the bolt, barrel and receiver using DOD approved inspection gauges

An assessment of the weapons serviceability

A recommended course of action for repairs as needed

As part of the service, repair parts for mil-spec rifles are available through SPA at a discounted price.