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I have been working with the M16 family of weapons for 28 years, starting with the M16A1 up to the M4 carbine and I am a veteran of both the U.S Army (Infantry) and U.S Coast Guard (Gunners’ Mate) with almost 10 years of total active duty service. Having completed a deployment to the Middle East in support of operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom in 2005, I entered into the private sector working in Iraq and Afghanistan as an armorer/instructor and security team member for a variety of large private military companies on various Department of Defense and Department of State contracts. I have worked for Triple Canopy, Blackwater USA, Olive Group (UK) and SOC-SMG. In addition I have attended and completed numerous factory armorer courses from such companies as Beretta, Barrett, Colt, Dillon Aero, FN-USA, Glock, Knights’ Armament, Remington, and Sig Sauer. Additionally I have attended a wide variety of shooting courses from Magpul Dynamics, Surefire, The Site Training Center and localized classes.